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Dive into the Crystal-clear Waters of Coral Island

When you book a package tour with Pattaya Sea Adventure, you’ll be whisked from the shores of Pattaya out to the stunning beauty of Coral Island, which is known in Thai as Koh Larn. This is one of the prime destinations for both tourists and locals alike in Pattaya and it’s only a 20-minute boat ride from central Pattaya.

Bask on the warm sand beaches or swim in the clean clear waters of the island. But when you book a package tour, you have your choice of water-sports to indulge in as well.

Race over the tops of the waves with your friends aboard a banana boat. This exciting pastime offers a thrilling ride for the adventurous fun-seeker who doesn’t mind an occasional dunking in the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand.

Soar high above the water by takin a parasailing ride that provides 360-degree views of the coastline. Or, explore the depths of the crystal-clear waters by donning a sea Walker helmet and seeing all the marine life that the island has to offer.

Pattaya Sea Adventure

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