Any locker available

I just want to ask if there is any locker or bag keeping when I join the sea-walker?

Post by Leo :: Date 2013-07-20 17:11:26


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 Yes. There are a locker to keep your belonging on island and it"s free of charge.

By Admin PattayaSeaadventure Date 2013-07-22 23:53:28

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Thanks very much,besides,is there any life jacket borrow in the beach(i know you have jacket on the speed boat,but can i borrow to use on the beach)?i cant swim...

By Leo Date 2013-07-23 10:01:24

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 we have life jacket on speed boat also. Just talk to our tour guide.

By PattayaSeaAdventure Date 2013-10-11 16:03:49


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