Please check before booking!! Pattaya Sea Adventure go to HardTien beach only!!!

 Dear Customer.


Please check before booking...

1. Pattaya Sea Adventure tour go to Hardtien beach only. We don"t go to Tawan beach. 

2. We work with license tour guide only. Good english speaking skill tour guide will takecare all customer all day.

3.Insurance are provided for all customer.

4.Pattaya Sea adventure doing the tour with Big 2engine speed boat only(For your safty). we don"t  let you packed in a small speed boat. Small speed boat is not good enough to go to island.



Please check first.

Best regards

Post by Pattaya Sea Adventure / admin :: Date 2013-06-20 16:06:52


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PattayaSeaAdventure don"t do a snorkeling tour.

If someone says they are from PattayaseaAdventure but has snorkeling on a tour. 

Please note that it.s a "FAKE TOUR!!"  please check a lot!



And we go to HardTien beach only not go to Tawean beach.

By PattayaSeaadventure Date 2013-10-20 21:57:13


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